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Your website, your style

By 9th November 2014 Content, PR, Website No Comments
Robot with WWW sign. Website building or repair concept

Thinking about a redesign of your website but not sure where to start? The answer is right in front of you – it’s with your existing website.

When it comes to website redesign, it is true that to know where you’re going you must know where you’ve been.

Understanding your current website, what content has worked is key to success. Google analytics (if linked) is a great way to show you what your target audience has found interesting – it’s best to keep these pages.

Here at PRorigins, we’ve created this simple diagram and information sheet to show the stages in between to lead you to a successful shiny new website that your customers will love.

But remember, just the redesign alone isn’t going to keep you high in the search rankings, content has to be constantly monitored, updated and refreshed to keep customers coming back for more.

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