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What’s the Story?

By 3rd October 2014 Content, People, PR, Website No Comments
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Newsrooms should be at the heart of a company’s online presence. There’s no need to have separate social media and traditional newsrooms – they have or should have merged together.

Companies need to think about how their news is consumed. This needs a strategy that includes both external and internal audiences.

According to a 2014 report, the vast majority of organisations are not taking their online newsrooms seriously and have a long way to go to fulfilling their potential.

A staggering half of newsrooms are filled with out of date content and only one in five newsrooms were optimised for mobile and tablet searching; 21.43% offered high resolution images and only 17% included a video library.

Remember, the days of PR being a one way process are long gone. Journalists and bloggers work in the moment, using social media and the web to find the information they require.

Consumers and businesses are exactly the same – and will make a purchasing decision based on a unique website and integrated content that is live across all social media, which will undoubtedly be checked before any contact is made with a company.

This is real-time PR, where the news agenda moves fast, is constantly evolving and needs to be constantly refreshed to welcome different audiences at any time across multimedia.

*Blog based on the 2014 UK Newsroom Report from MyNewsDesk.  Click here to download the pdf

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