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Once Upon A Time… B2B Storytelling

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Cinderella’s famous quote is to “Have Courage and Be Kind.” And as more voices compete in the crowded digital space, businesses are taking a stand and stepping away from the “content machine” to reassess their digital marketing approach.

Instead of boring an audience with more content to have ‘something to say’ and to ‘tick a box’, businesses are thoughtfully choosing to separate from the competition with the stories they tell – opening themselves up and allowing a personality to shine through to its audience.

Welcome to a different kind of marketing – where storytelling prevails. It involves looking beyond hard sales tactics, features, benefits and pricing and instead, to connect with people on a deeper level.  It’s a style of marketing where engagement is bigger than ‘number of followers.’

And the best thing about storytelling – is it is still measurable. Whilst it may not provide an instant transaction, it can be measured using key tools such as Google Analytics to watch a customer’s journey through the engagement, focus and eventual goal to achieve customer loyalty.

Here’s what else storytelling can do:

  • Storytelling helps businesses distinguish themselves in a noisy, crowded marketplace.  By creating original content and relaying what you have to say on your owned social media channels, you can create the impression that you are building a personal connection – one person at a time – and that can only be positive when people buy from people.
  • Storytelling in business isn’t about telling just any story. It’s about telling the stories about your business that your customers want to hear. Think about relevance here and how you are really helping your customers.  It’s also important to consider keywords without losing the flow of your story.
  • Storytelling shows you are aware of your surroundings, trends and impacts on the industry. So mix up your stories with what is happening around you, to show thought leadership and clear insight for your customers to benefit.
  • Storytelling connects with others on an emotional level, providing business with a personality. Our businesses, like our lives, are made up of hundreds of stories, and over time, each one helps others get to know you better.
  • Storytelling gets people into your world and helps you become memorable. People don’t always remember brands, but they do remember a story that, in turn, connects them with your company.
  • Storytelling helps people get to know your company long before they are ready to do business with you. In a way, storytelling assists with the vetting process. If a person can’t relate to the stories you share, they’ll continue their search. And this is okay because when someone does contact you, they are already a higher quality lead.
  • Storytelling helps your company become more credible. People read the stories that you share of past projects and begin to know, like and trust you. By the time they contact you, they already have a good flavour of how you do business.

Every business has great stories to share. The key is to identify your stories … and to tell them well.

How do you do this? THINK before your tell your story:
T – Is it True?
H – Is it Helpful?
I – Is It Inspiring?
N – Is it Necessary?
K – Is It Kind?

“Those who tell their stories rule the world” Get in touch