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Public Relations

Public Relations is rapidly evolving, the explosion of communication channels available mean that it’s more important than ever before that they all to work together to deliver a cohesive customer experience.

But in principle, the core definition of PR remains the same; to look after the reputation of a company.

Today, this means a product, or service message – the core brand story – has to be visible in more places (both offline and online) than ever before.

The content that makes up the brand story has to work across multiple platforms and it needs to constantly evolve, as it is refreshed and updated, all without losing sight of the core values, objectives and strategy of your business.

This is where the importance of continuous good quality, high performance content will be critical.

So to the old adage of you can only know where you’re going, once you know where you’ve been – welcome to PRorigins.

Social Media

Social media has undoubtedly revolutionized marketing as it offers a direct link between organisations and their target markets, and an ability to develop relationships with individuals, the press and targeted end – users.

Smart mobile technology has also rapidly advanced, increasing the adoption of social media, and reshaping the behavior of UK consumers and business operators alike.

PRorigins will work with you to ensure your business can maximise this opportunity, by connecting with new customers and expanding your audience.

Our starting point would always be spending time with you to fully understand your vision, brand values, strategic and marketing objectives, audiences, key influencers, market place, territories, legislative restraints (if relevant) and so on.

We want to start right at the beginning of your story to ensure all social media marketing activity is ‘on brand.’