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Reach for the PR Clouds

Reaching seventh heaven

BusinessZone recently posted back to PR basics with some great insider tips for creating a small business media strategy.

From setting objectives to measuring results, the analysis explains that PR is a strategic business decision that with the right objectives applied, can make a significant difference to any business in terms of leads, brand profile and sales.

The core of PR success as the post explains is good content and relationships formed with key media, alongside increasingly taking note of advances in social media. And by good content, this is not sales messages, but interesting stories that engage and influence.

Today, content is written as if it’s being spoken to an individual in a target audience, not the other way around. And remember it’s not about the quantity of content, but the quality. BusinessZone points out that you’ve got to hit some between seven and 12 times with the same message before it starts to influence their perceptions and their behaviours.

Likewise, relationships are born out of creating such good content on a consistent basis, especially with journalists, whether business to business, business to consumer or trade, all of whom are bombarded with messages all day. How will you stand out from the crowd? How will you get journalists to work with you?

And finally, the 64m dollar question – how do you measure the success of PR? Generally, it’s appearance of key messages in target media, but also the influence over social media is increasingly significant. Who is talking about you and what are they saying? What messages are working and what are not, be prepared to change and evolve content with the times to create greater influence.

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