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Raise your Profile with the Power of PR

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Public Relations (PR) is an interesting field, is it the dark side of marketing? Here’s a clue.

Many people have a hard time defining it and it’s worth – is it media relations, event planning, internal corporate communication, writing, strategic planning, content marketing, social media …

How do you measure activity? The phone won’t necessarily start ringing the second a press release has been launched.

So why and when would you choose to hire a public relations agency?

There is one answer, to raise your business profile. Whether it is on a local level, national or trade – do you want more visitors to your showroom or your website?

Whether pitching a non-profit’s story or writing about a new exciting research prospect, an innovative product or a revolutionary service, storytelling is a key part of public relations today.

The other element is networking and relationships. Yes from a PR perspective it’s with journalists, bloggers and key networkers – but from a CEO and management perspective and with the burst of social media, it’s equally important to form relationships directly with your key customers.

PR only works with a joined up approach; so whether it’s updating a blog or creating a networking event be prepared today to present a personality for your business, for your audience – be open, honest, and have the courage to tell your story in a dedicated and fun way.

Only this way, will audiences ultimately reward you with business and, the much-desired loyalty.  So whilst PR may appear unpredictable, it is definitely measureable and an important aspect of marketing success.

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