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Is Your Website Mobile Friendly?

Woman using her Mobile Phone in the street, night light environm

More people today are using mobile devices for tasks that they used to rely on their desktops.  And there’s no doubt they are visiting your website from  smartphones, tablets, and other devices so it makes sense anyway to accommodate this ever-growing group of visitors.

But, more importantly, Google’s latest announcement is that mobile friendliness is to become a prominent ranking factor in its algorithms.

As of 21 April 2015, any site that does not support mobile and tablet functionalities will be penalised in terms of visibility in Google, and will inevitably end up taking a hit traffic-wise (which Google has warned could be “significant”)

Google has helpfully launched a mobile friendly test, which assesses how Googlebot sees your page, or in simple terms, how mobile friendly your website is currently.

Other factors likely to impact on your search ranking includes visual and written content that is search engine optimised, and also incorporation of blog and news feeds to show Google that your website is updated consistently and regularly.

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