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LinkedIn’s Transformation into a Content Publisher


Social media is now a driving force behind company branding, customer engagement, and an excellent source to share content. In fact, many of us have been caught up in the social media whirlwind for quite some time now, but one platform is climbing up the content priority list, especially for B2B marketing.

LinkedIn is on the rise as one of the most popular social networking platforms in 2015. In fact, a recent study has shown that LinkedIn beats Twitter at content marketing.

LinkedIn’s purpose is to connect with like-minded business owners. It can even be used as a source for lead generation and to bring in top talent to add to your company — all made possible by using it as a content publishing platform – as many business’ are increasingly realising.

LinkedIn As a Content Publisher
In early 2014, LinkedIn slowly began to unlock its publishing feature and allow all members to use it as a content marketing tool. LinkedIn moved forward with this decision as an effort to help businesses better build their brand and reach an untapped pool of audiences.

LinkedIn recognized that many professionals have valuable information, insight, experience and emotion to share with their audience and split the options to share an update, upload a photo or publish a post.

Now, not only are brands able to maximize their exposure with LinkedIn’s publishing platform, they are able to educate with content and influence, with an aim to turn thoughts into conversions. After all, informative content is one of the driving forces behind the highest quality content that there is.

Benefits of Publishing Content on LinkedIn
While there are thousands of resources online where you can print and distribute your content, LinkedIn should be near the top of your list.

Let’s start with the statistics (taken from expandedramblings)

  • LinkedIn generates 187 million unique visitors per month and 2 members join the social networking platform per second
  • It has a conversion rate that is 3 times higher than Facebook and Twitter
  • Percentage of LinkedIn users outside the UK is 70%
  • There are over 2 million groups to join and network with those in your industry

LinkedIn Offers SEO Benefits
While creating fresh and relevant content will certainly help your SEO, you can double your efforts by publishing original content on LinkedIn. The basic reason being that Google likes it. And as a social platform with a high domain it can help you expand your organic reach in the search engines.

Don’t forget, you can also optimize your own profile for professionals to locate on LinkedIn. A few simple tweaks to your headline can make all the difference.

So, even though LinkedIn’s publishing platform caters to blogs, photos and articles, you can do so much more with LinkedIn in term of SEO and content marketing. With LinkedIn, you are encouraged to go the extra mile with your content marketing efforts.

Strength (and Sales) in Numbers
Another advantage of LinkedIn’s publishing platform is that members are able to reach professionals who are not in their own network. And brands can build their own group of followers through company pages.

Imagine influencing a group of professionals who are ready and able to make buying decisions. It’s entirely possible with LinkedIn’s publishing tool, and it is super targeted to leaders and brands who are ready to buy your products and services.

LinkedIn Content Marketing Score Gives Insight to Your Best Content
Measuring the effectiveness and success of your content marketing can be an uphill battle. However, LinkedIn saw the need for a program designed to rate the quality and effectiveness of user content. With that, LinkedIn’s Content Marketing Score was born.

How LinkedIn Content Marketing Actually Works
The Content Marketing Score uses its own algorithm to determine the success of your content marketing efforts on LinkedIn. First, it measures engagements from your company pages, LinkedIn groups, influencer updates, and employee statuses. It then gives you a score based against your competitive set.

The best part is that LinkedIn Content Marketing’s Score gives recommendations on how to improve your score that will help you achieve a better reach and engagement level.

This puts you in the position where you are always striving to add quality and relevant content to attract new customers.

Use LinkedIn Groups to Generate New Content Ideas
Engagement on LinkedIn is one of the keys to success on their platform. With that said, LinkedIn groups offer a lot of potential to not only network, but generate new content ideas and interact with other professionals.

As you interact with groups on LinkedIn, remaining helpful and informative is your best route to success. Never hard sell, keep questions and interesting takeaways on the backburner, as these can easily turn into new blog topics, slideshows, and more.

This can all help with your efforts to continuously feed your LinkedIn audience with new fresh content. Here are a few more techniques you can use on LinkedIn to keep your content fresh and worth reading.

  • Make your content quick to absorb: Just like any content – it needs to be engaging right from the subject and draw in the reader.
  • Focus on what consumers care about: At the end of the day, customers care about themselves and meeting their own needs. Always cater your content to your audience and describe exactly how your products and services will yield the results that they are looking for (without direct selling remember!)
  • Aim to entertain: B2B content marketing can consist of whitepapers and studies, but there needs to be a creative spin on your content to help your company and content stand out from the noise.
  • Education is key: Whatever, education is crucial for establishing yourself as a thought leader.
  • Draw on emotions: The old adage that emotion sells is no different on LinkedIn so mix in the power of influencers and quotes

LinkedIn: The Missing Link to Your Content Marketing Strategy
LinkedIn is clearly becoming a powerful platform to generate, share, influence and create content. Regardless of your profession, and whether you’re B2B or B2C marketing, if you aren’t using LinkedIn for your content marketing, you are depriving yourself of serious branding, networking, and client discovery potential.

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