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One post that is increasingly used on social media is the inspirational quote post.

From LinkedIn to Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook, some people say they’re annoying and shouldn’t be used; others highlight them as a key tactic to boost engagement. Personally, I originally felt the former, but increasingly cannot deny this: for a lot of brands and individuals, they work.

The question is why inspirational quotes prove so effective? And from the engagement, the answer is clear. It’s because in general, people can easily relate to them, and hence more likely to like and share; especially with Twitter hashtags such as #MondayMotivation and #FridayFeeling.

Social Media Success
So is this the secret to successful social media? Well it depends on your objective for using social media. The inspirational quotes may generate likes and engagement, but are viewers clicking on your links to work your brand?

Are you really boosting brand engagement through this type of content, or are you ramping up vanity metrics with no further path to your goal? If the latter is a goal, to maintain personal awareness online, then posting is not necessarily driving their audience towards conversion in the same way as a business.

If you’re social media strategy is to generate brand awareness, then the key is to ensure you have a strategy behind using inspirational thoughts. A strategy will ensure you’re not just posting inspirational quotes because you like them, or using them as a way to share random thoughts or fill a void in your social media.

Inspirational quotes can complement your brand purpose and the ‘why’ of what you offer, they can be used to tell your story beyond just your products and services. Once you have that, you can seek out inspirational quotes that support your mission. When used in this way, you’re suddenly using inspirational quotes in a more targeted and focused way, aligned to your overall brand strategy.

Be Individual
Here’s four ways to ensure your inspirational quote post stands out from the crowd, whether its used for personal profile raising or brand reputation:

  • Try and be individual. The quote may have been said before, but the way it is presented can be made personal to you or your brand. Use your own images to make it a much stronger proposition.
  • Seek to maintain a thematic or stylistic consistently with your posts, so eventually, people will get to know your style and associate it with your brand. By example, PRorigins has used quotes on content marketing in header images using only brand colours.
  • Don’t just use any quote because you like the sound of it, think about how best it supports your brand purpose and mission. Here, inspirational quotes can be used well to reflect the personality of an individual or a brand.
  • Finally, most importantly, is not to rely solely on inspirational quotes. Mix up the content you provide so as your audience doesn’t get bored and switch off. Schedule the quotes alongside your other content to maintain this discipline.

Mix it up
So whilst the evidence shows that inspirational quotes can be a great way to engage with your audience, they are certainly not the ‘be end and end all,’ magic solution to social media success. Used carefully, when considered in a wider content and marketing mix, they can be a powerful way to deliver great engagement opportunities with your audience.

Do you use inspirational quotes? Love to hear your views and whether you find them successful for your social media strategy.



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