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Hello Conversation


Content marketing was so last year…. 2015, it’s all about the conversation. It’s about the communication and the engagement. PRorigins this year will be measured on how much how many influencers can be created.

The importance of conversation is a demonstration by all main search engines that they are not so interested in SEO or indeed Keyword optimisation anymore.

Google wants to see real people, with real engagement. And if truth be told, so do we. We want to be heard first, and then presented with the solution.

The Social Media Revolution 2015 suggests 25% of search results for the world’s top 29 largest brands are linked to user generated content. 34% of bloggers post opinions about products and brands.

What this means is people care more about how their social graphs rank products and services than how Google ranks them. In fact, 78% of consumers trust peer recommendations, only 14% trust advertisements.

So when you’re thinking of where to invest marketing funds this year, think about your influencers and where they spend there time. How can you engage with them and create a meaningful conversation? What’s your story?

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