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Feel the Social Love

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On Valentine’s Day ten years ago, a group of former PayPal employees founded YouTube as an easy way to find and share videos.

Did they know it would grow to be the most powerful social media sites, second to Google in search, where 300 hours, or roughly 12.5 days worth of video is posted per minute?

We love video – it’s as simple and complicated as that. Even Mark Zuckerberg sees the power of video, saying this is where Facebook will be in five years.

We’re becoming more visual, we want news more instantly and we want new information quickly. This is also the reason why Twitter and Google have signed a deal to allow Google to index tweets in real-time.

To Twitter, it’s all about “eyeballs” – Google’s billion monthly search users will render Twitter’s potential audience larger than that of Facebook. This is good for Twitter’s oft-reported tapering user growth, and will strengthen Twitter in the age-old Twitter vs. Facebook debate.

Google, for its part, gets more time-relevance thanks to all the data (about 500million snippets of info per day!) being pulled through in real-time from Twitter, so they’re better serving their search users with more relevant, up-to-the-minute results.

What does this all mean for us, with growing demands on video, visual and instant attention? Content has to hit hard, be relevant, up to date and stay engaging to encourage a conversation and now a search.

Increased discoverability and real-time marketing will become more important as there will no longer be a lag between when, say, a new product is launched and Tweeted about, discoverable via Google and seen on YouTube.

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