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Engage your website with your audience

By 2nd May 2014 Content, PR, Website No Comments
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So, it’s pretty much accepted by the majority of businesses that having a website is essential to open a door and tempt potential customers with your offerings.

A website is acknowledged as a platform to communicate with prospects and customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Even when you aren’t at work, your website is. Your customers can get to know you and your products through the website at their convenience.

But is that it for a website? To the savvy business, the answer is no and the key to success is encouraging return visitors, who will only come if there is something engaging to bring them back, and here is where being responsive and committed to good content will make the difference.

The key to success is investing or thinking about content that adds value as it’s usually the added value that keeps bringing people back. What content will not only engage a target audience to find your website, but then stay engaged with you, and potentially loyal, once they have built up a trust with your products and services.

Even when writing content for a website, think about how an audience may reach you – what would they put into Google? Don’t just think of the keywords, what else could they be searching for – and remember it’s not just Google, it could be via social media or even your customer’s websites.

Once you have a website up and running, it doesn’t end there. Make sure you are constantly reviewing and updating the content with new ideas (just like PRorigins does with blog posts.) And then don’t be afraid to inform your audience of your updates via social media.

Naturally, this should lead you to gather feedback (and helps you build a database.) Use forms and emails to allow your audience to communicate with you. Thinking on a wider scale about your website’s content will help you start conversations with an audience, what do they think about a recent update / industry trend / consumer advertising strategy?

By encouraging and continuing the conversation, audience’s will inevitably remain loyal to a company they believe they ‘know’ to be approachable and can trust – and will give you an instant advantage over competitor’s who may still have a brochure style website that is neither informative, or engaging.

Remember, today’s emerging generation has never known life without a digital world and connection. Add the growth of social media to that and it becomes evident that without a credible web presence, you don’t exist for an expanding segment of your target market.

So, even if you don’t sell your product online, your website gives you the opportunity to distinguish your company or organisation to your client. The sooner you gain a real presence on the web, the better. Your clients (and potential clients) are already making their decisions based on the standard of your website.

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