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Emoji Marketing – Are You on Board?

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Once seen as improper in professional use, smilies and emojis are changing the way we communicate, being led by a new generation whose time and attention is absorbed with a shorthand, digital language.

We’re approaching two billion smartphone users around the globe this year. And of course, most everyone with a smartphone has used an emoticon or an emoji to shorthand their emotions in a text or email. That’s not so new.

You may have even noticed that Apple recently included more diverse emojis in iPhones and iPads with the recent release of iOS 8.3.

A smile, a wink, some hearts, maybe an angry look or a sad face—emojis are the new standard of communication.

Here’s some tip tips to consider when using emojis in any marketing campaign:

1. Use the latest technology to reach your audience and match the emoji use to complement. Whether it’s Snapchat, Instagram, or the next big platform, brands need to understand which platforms their audience is using to connect, consume and share.

2. Brands should think “mobile first”. With the change in Google algorithms now live, mobile phones are more important than ever. At the same time, attention spans are decreasing rapidly and content needs to be fresh and sharp. Brands should start any mobile marketing activity with a strategy that supports this approach.

3. Tap into emotion to help drive brand messages. Back to basics strategy and studies continue to show that emotions will always be more effective than hard selling promotion. Brands should think about what their audience cares about, crafting emoji marketing messages that relate to them in a more human way.

4. Make it simple for your audience to share and drive user engagement. The consumer journey must be as easy as possible. If the rise of emoji teaches us anything, it’s that we are looking for more effective ways to communicate more information, faster. The brands that win are the ones that will deliver amazingly simple customer experiences.

5. Test everything and don’t overdo it. Emojis are becoming engrained in our society and are not likely to go away anytime soon, but emoji marketing may not be for everyone. Start small, and test an approach that may work for your brand and your audience.

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