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My Ode To Content Marketing

content web

This is the world we live in
Where we’ll do anything to be seen
But at the end of our day
What value or return can we really glean?

All businesses have been made a publisher
And they take the stage with a mic
With no plan or script
Or any message their audience would care to like

Oh, but it’s not their stage
Nor their sales pitch that matters
But rather a focus on their audience
And reflecting on what they care about that matters

What are their habits, what are they motivated by?
And where do they hang out both on and offline?
Learn more than just what they buy
And give them the absolute chance to shine

The first plan is simply to earn the share
So, before you click send
Be open and honest, if you so dare,
Would anyone thank you and tell a friend?

Hook them in
Without telling all
You can say so much more
Whilst saying nothing at all

Build conversation, tell your story
But always with a purpose
Inform, learn and entertain, but never be boring
Show you give a damn, beyond just the purchase

Shall we stop yelling and start content marketing?

“Those who tell their stories rule the world” Get in touch