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2015 - 2016

Reflections on year one in business

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As we reach the end of the year, it’s natural to reflect on what has been achieved. And this December especially is pertinent as my business reaches the end of my financial year and first full year in business.

The year one journey has been as exciting as it has been tough and yet, having exceeded my own expectations, I am even more determined to grow and achieve much more in the year to come.

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“Don’t quote me but….”

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One post that is increasingly used on social media is the inspirational quote post.

From LinkedIn to Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook, some people say they’re annoying and shouldn’t be used; others highlight them as a key tactic to boost engagement. Personally, I originally felt the former, but increasingly cannot deny this: for a lot of brands and individuals, they work. Read More

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To Plan Or Not To Plan – Is That The Question?

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The basis of PR is to listen, plan and then engage. Every year we spend hours working through the list of events, exhibitions, planned product updates, magazine feature lists and the general company updates to make sure activity is scheduled into a carefully considered works programme and agreed by the client.

PR turned to content marketing with the advent of social media, where we had more channels to distribute news and company activity, more ways to make our voice heard.

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Seeing the Press Release like a Shop Mannequin

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Shopping and Public Relations, my two loves – but are they connected in some way?

The first lesson I ever had in Public Relations was how to write a press release, ‘Sun style’ compared to a broadsheet equivalent – get all the news in the first paragraph to grab attention.

But does it now work at all in the new digital fast pace world of storytelling where every journalist, freelancer and blogger is looking for a way for news to personally stand out from the noisy crowd?

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Being Passionate in PR

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“I’m really pleased to have met you because I sensed that you are hard working, passionate about what you do, driven and great at getting results. I know you can do traditional PR but you can also bring something new to the table as well.”

What a wonderful statement to receive. Having been in PR for over 10 years, the passion and drive is still there – especially with the new forms of digital, search engine and social media opportunities, which, whilst each present new challenges, but also offer great avenues to influence a client’s target audience.

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Is Your Website Mobile Friendly?

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More people today are using mobile devices for tasks that they used to rely on their desktops.  And there’s no doubt they are visiting your website from  smartphones, tablets, and other devices so it makes sense anyway to accommodate this ever-growing group of visitors.

But, more importantly, Google’s latest announcement is that mobile friendliness is to become a prominent ranking factor in its algorithms.

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Yours in Content

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For 2015 and the Content Marketing Institute, the results are in – UK Marketers have spoken and content marketing is here to stay, but has a different outlook from 2014.

The evolution of content marketing can be seen right from its core definition, as “a strategic approach focussed on creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience – and, ultimately to drive profitable customer action.”

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