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“Don’t quote me but….”

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One post that is increasingly used on social media is the inspirational quote post.

From LinkedIn to Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook, some people say they’re annoying and shouldn’t be used; others highlight them as a key tactic to boost engagement. Personally, I originally felt the former, but increasingly cannot deny this: for a lot of brands and individuals, they work. Read More


2015: The Year of Video

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HighQ has labelled 2015 as the year of video marketing and Facebook is now generating embed code for video you upload directly to their site.

From the launch of live video feeds on Twitter and the continued popularity of video on Facebook, Vine and Instagram, together with the accessibility of high definition video on every mobile device, videos are now making it into every interaction we’re making online.

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Content Strategy is King

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According to a recent LinkedIn post, traditional journalists cite eight factors which dictate the worthiness of a potential piece of content (how valuable it is.)

Negativity, closeness to home (proximity), recency, currency, continuity and uniqueness are the different analyses of what makes a great story – but in the world of content strategy, much more applies.

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The Book of Face

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Facebook, the king of social media – with an obvious objective to achieve online world domination for every age group. But why does it still reign as most popular?  Latest stats show  more than 75 per cent of millennials use Facebook in a mixture of personal and business use.

Facebook can create buzz and help you stay in touch with customers but only if you in give them what they want – consistent and ongoing valuable (and creative) content – that tells your story well and grabs attention.

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