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Red Bull Flugtag in Moscow 2013

Content Marketing, or Marketing Content? Which One Gives You Wings?

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According to the Content Marketing Institute,  “Content Marketing is the marketing and business process for creating and distributing relevant and valuable content to attract, acquire, and engage a clearly defined and understood target audience – with the objective of driving profitable customer action.”

Quite a challenge in today’s market when consumers search and expect to pull the information when they want it, in whatever format they want it and on the platform they choose, sometimes guided by just the first page of Google.  So how about marketing your content?

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2015: The Year of Video

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HighQ has labelled 2015 as the year of video marketing and Facebook is now generating embed code for video you upload directly to their site.

From the launch of live video feeds on Twitter and the continued popularity of video on Facebook, Vine and Instagram, together with the accessibility of high definition video on every mobile device, videos are now making it into every interaction we’re making online.

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blog world

Blogging All Over The World

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Blogging – the way to create fresh content, tell stories and help Google to see we’re doing our bit to keep our websites updated, so return the favour and push us up the rankings – please.

But there is another side to blogging – the audience. Think about the origins of the world wide web, making a more accessible world. This is what your blog can do for your business.

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Play to Win at Content Marketing

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Take a step back for a moment and think about your business from your customer’s perspective – what are they seeing, thinking or hearing about you? Where are they getting their information?

Now think of your brand as a personality – what are your attributes? Are you helpful, creative and caring or is it all just about the hard sell and customer numbers. Why would someone stay loyal?

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