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Blogging All Over The World

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Blogging – the way to create fresh content, tell stories and help Google to see we’re doing our bit to keep our websites updated, so return the favour and push us up the rankings – please.

But there is another side to blogging – the audience. Think about the origins of the world wide web, making a more accessible world. This is what your blog can do for your business.

Endless Opportunities
Every blog post you publish is a brand new URL. Think about how many new page URLs you can add to your website without a blog; About / jobs / product / service – every other website has these pages and won’t help you to stand out.

If you have a blog, you have endless opportunities to create new unique page URLs that can be ranked in search and discovered by people that didn’t know about your business yet. A blog gives you endless opportunities to get found online.

Thinking “my potential customers don’t read blogs.” You might be right to say that your potential customers don’t subscribe to blogs. But that doesn’t mean they don’t stumble upon blog posts when they’re doing research online.

People buy from people they know and trust. By investing in creating content that helps answer questions for your target customer, you’re establishing a trusting relationship that makes them more comfortable investing in you as a business partner or solution provider.

Open the Discussion
In a blog, you’re sharing your thoughts on the industry, explaining why it’s important and putting the point in context – showing your expertise. The aim is to deliver a thought and open a discussion, not necessarily to provide the answer.

A blog allows you to engage with your audience on a local and international basis? Where else do you get this opportunity, in conjunction with social media, for free?

The Gift that keeps on Giving
Once you publish a blog post, it’s out there on the internet working to bring in new traffic and leads forever. So even if we published a post several years ago, your target audience can still find that post in search engines like Google, or on social media if people still share it after reading it themselves.

Blogging can literally help you generate leads for your business while you sleep, in different time zones, or even your own local. The work you put in today can generate results for years and years to come.

Happy Blogging!

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