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Baby Steps to Successful Blogging


According to the research by blogging community BritMums, the UK blogosphere currently commands an estimated £21m in fees from brand partnerships.

And yet, this survey suggested that only 13 per cent of brands knew how to work with bloggers.

As the article developed, many of the issues were clearly not specific to the mumblogosophere, but generic across the many different sectors I as one operate in across my PR business.

So, here’s what the research found:
• 81 per cent of bloggers had heard from brands in the past year
• 71 per cent are approached by up to 20 brands per week.
• 90 per cent of bloggers are keen to work with brands who are in touch
• And yet, less than a fifth of these brand content pitches made it into their blog,
• 20 per cent did not publish any of the brand content.

So with such promise, why are these brands not making it to the final version? The answer is simple and in recognition that it’s not a one size fits all when executing a campaign.

Essence of Blogging
The essence of a blog is to stand out from the crowd and be heard amongst the noise that is today’s Internet. This is essentially in my business as a whole where bloggers must be treated differently to journalists.

Bloggers want personal, relevant, well-informed, fresh content – that has the look and feel of being developed exactly for their blog and more importantly, their readers.

And in return, they can provide the ‘authority’, the ‘reliability’ as standard, but also the ‘authenticity’ and ‘storytelling’ element that is increasingly significant.

A standard press release will automatically be treated as promotional. It’s interesting to note that more than journalists, a third of bloggers expect to be paid for writing about brands.

Continuing to work with and develop relationships with Bloggers is as critical for PR as working with journalists. A final statistics of the report suggests the current average page visits per month is 14,200, a 14 per cent increase on last year.

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