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Monthly Archives: August 2014


See, Understand, Believe

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Facts tell, but stories sell. In the world today, you have seconds to grab your prospects’ attention, who have already been bombarded with content.

No longer is it enough to inform; without diluting the message, content needs to dig deep and open up your company to having a personality all of its own.

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The Book of Face

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Facebook, the king of social media – with an obvious objective to achieve online world domination for every age group. But why does it still reign as most popular?  Latest stats show  more than 75 per cent of millennials use Facebook in a mixture of personal and business use.

Facebook can create buzz and help you stay in touch with customers but only if you in give them what they want – consistent and ongoing valuable (and creative) content – that tells your story well and grabs attention.

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Think Differently

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‘Your life is a story, don’t write it in magnolia’ is the current campaign call for Dulux and is similar to a recent story on the truth about vanilla.

The Truth about Vanilla established 17% are likely to order the flavour. And on this basis, it’s tempting to think that being in the vanilla business is the safe bet.

But the truth is there will always be vanilla makers, competing for those vanilla eaters, so it’s much harder for one vanilla in particular to stand out. At the same time, there will always be magnolia as a paint option.

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What is content marketing?

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Whilst most are still discussing how brands can shape public opinion through social media, content marketing is making its way up the popularity charts, and certainly isn’t shy in making itself known.

The theory behind content marketing is quite straightforward: people like good content. Even in business, writing shouldn’t have to be boring just because it’s for other businesses. Content needs a structure, personality and overall good character.

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